3D printing business model to support smallholder farmers in the Philippines

A survey was done to assess the possibility of a 3D printing business model to support smallholder farmers in the Philippines. Methodologies included garnishing structured feedback from workshops, repair specialists, spare part distributors and research bodies. 3D printing services could reduce the waiting time for spare parts, easing pressure on workshops, engineers, and contractors. In […]

Potential yield losses associated with machinery downtime

Now is a good time to assess results from the recent IRRI/NUI Galway project that also formed part of my thesis. After a few days off, some fresh thoughts on the project and subsequent results could be broken down and assessed. Firstly, a list of machinery involved in two stages of rice production were accumulated […]

“Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today”

One word describes the last twelve months of my life. A rollercoaster! It’s been a great year and it only felt like yesterday when we began our MSc CCAFS course last September. This day last year I was in Germany (having spent the previous 10 months there) working long hours trying to make enough to […]

MSc CCAFS Final Thesis Submission!

After a busy two weeks putting the finishing touches to the thesis, digital copies and printed versions were submitted. My NUI Galway supervisors had sent me edits and various comments on the 5th of August. Considerable time was spent integrating these and after a few days house keeping and proof reading the thesis numerous times […]

Visit to Hong Kong

After a busy 2 months with IRRI, I managed to fit a trip to Hong Kong in before I headed home for Ireland, The trip was organised many weeks ago and I almost had to pull out at the last minute. Due to unforeseen circumstances, I had a decision to make the evening before we […]

Internship completion

On the 20th of July my time at IRRI sadly came to an end. Outstanding project work was completed and a trip report sent to Martin Gummert, my IRRI supervisor. I felt an emptiness throughout my final days. I knew I would miss IRRI and the Philippines quite a bit! Some of the experiences I’ve […]

Visits to Grain Pro & MIRDC

The final two visits of my trip here in the Philippines concluded with the Metal Industry Research & Development Centre (MIRDC) in Taguig City and  Grain Pro Inc, Subic Bay. The purpose of the MIRDC visit was  in relation to the joint proposal by the MIRDC, IRRI, Phil Rice, Phil Mech and Omnifab on funding for a […]

Metering Device

After the meetings two weeks ago, I received a CAD file for a metering device designed by Agricomponents. After some adjustments the first version was ready for printing. The print was estimated to take 20 hours in build time but surprisingly it printed in 18 hours. This was an overnight job so I had to […]

Goat innards or pig intestine.?

Having travelled to Isabela with 2 Filipinos I was lucky (or unlucky) to taste some Filipino food. “Interesting” would be the word to describe these foods. Surprisingly the pig intestines aka Chicharon Bulaklak were good. It was served with a vinegar and onion dip and was very “chewy”. However, the goat innards were a different story. Certainly […]

Visit to Isabela region

Tuesday morning at 4:30 am was the start of a long journey. We had organised meetings with Agricomponent, Phil Rice, Phil Mech, and some agricultural manufacturers affiliated with IRRI. The evening before I prepared the bag and had a quick glimpse on google maps to see how far we actually had to go. 470km’s of a spin […]