How do national food supplies stack up against ideal diets for health?

Fundamentally, agriculture is concerned with providing food for people in order to maintain their health. But is what we are actually growing aligned to what we know about what’s good for our health? How close, or how far, are national larders from supplying the ideal plate?

In this project I will be using the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) national food supply and agricultural production datasets to compare country-level diets with ideal diets for health.

The project is hosted by the International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT), for NUI Galway Masters of Science Program in Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security (MSc CCAFS).

About me

I am an early career food policy specialist from Australia, currently undertaking the Masters of Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security (MSc CCAFS) at NUI Galway and research placement with CIAT in Cali, Colombia.

My background is in human ecology, development studies and law, obtained through a BA (Hons)/LLB at the Australian National University. My undergraduate thesis (‘A Right to Food for Australia? How institutions shape food systems and their outcomes‘) applied a systems-thinking approach to how food (in)security is understood in Australia and how this affected policy. I also have a Diploma in Government (Management) and am studying a Graduate Certificate in Human Nutrition.

Before returning to study I worked as a policy officer in national government, with experience in the following policy areas: food regulation, rural research and development (R&D) and wine. During my graduate year I had placements in sustainable fisheries management and departmental governance. I also planned and conducted an industry stakeholder engagement project on national plant disease (Xylella fastidiosa) surveillance management.

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