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About Me


Sinead is currently studying for a Master of Science in Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security. A visiting researched at CIAT’s Decision and Policy Analysis (DAPA) Department in Colombia, her research is focused on the potential to reduce national/global greenhouse gases (GHG) through dietary change and transitions to sustainable diets.

A Trinity College Dublin Natural Science (Geography) Graduate, Sinead’s undergraduate dissertation looked at the geography of austerity and its impacts on a new economically vulnerable section of Irish society, boom-time mortgagors.

Sinead has worked on advocacy issues at An Taisce, the National Trust of Ireland and in Fundraising and Communications for Action Aid Ireland. She has previous work experience before her return to University in 2011 that has helped develop and sharpen her communication, rapport-building and teamwork skills.

She became PRO of the CCAFS Society at NUI Galway in 2015. A new society concerned with raising awareness and action around issues pertaining to Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security. The society is closely linked with the CCAFS research platform and has hosted events such as the NUI Galway Climate Congress,

The Fossil Free NUIG network came into being late last year and Sinead, along with others, has been working with the Director of the network Colin Duffy since then. She currently runs Fossil Free NUIG’s online media accounts.

Sinead is passionate about climate change issues and is focused on conducting research that can aid transitions towards sustainable consumption of foods and other products that be utilized within a circular economy model.



I applied to college from Australia as a ‘mature’ student when both my partner and I were still debating if InstagramCapture_5842b498-a66a-4ced-9bfe-b9e27747e520we should ‘stay or go’. I was offered a place at Trinity College Dublin in 2011 to study Geography and Political Science. I transferred to study geography as my major in 3rd year.  Being a ‘little’ older I wanted to start gaining experience in different roles that I had an interest in. Thankfully in 2013, both An Taisce, the National Trust for Ireland and ActionAid Ireland, a development charity, offered me positions whilst I was still a student. This provided experience in advocacy, report writing, lobbing, fundraising, client relations and communications. Both my studies and personal experience has led me to where I am today. A Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security (CCAFS for short) student at NUI Galway. Please dont hesitate to contact me at either or s.moran41@nuigalway

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