Sinead Moran MSc Student

Enquires into a Healthier, Greener, Less Greedier World

Visiting Researcher @ CIAT, Palmira, Colombia


I’m lucky enough to be able carry out my Master thesis research at CIAT’s headquarters, just outside Cali in Colombia! So far the experience has been fantastic, in spite of my poor Spanish, but mainly thanks to the help of a CIAT Chemist, Lucia!

Being so close to the equator, it’s bright here from 5.30am & dark come 6pm.

This means I’m up at 5.30am, I catch the iconic CIAT bus at 6.30am & am in my office by 7.3oam. The early start is easy when you have the pleasure of being in the surrounds of the headquarters here. It’s a breath of fresh, tropical, air!

CIAT staff can avail of the swimming pool, gym, fitness classes or a run around the grounds of the campus at lunch time or after 4.30pm. This promotes a healthy work environment, which in times when you are engrossed in a literature review or lost in data, it is a much needed opportunity to escape, refresh & come back to your work with a clear mind again!

As such, being here has afforded me an opportunity to escape the many distractions one can have at home and focus on both my work………… & fitness 😉

adiós, Chao from Cali


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