Literature review 5


Danah Boyd & Kate Crawford

In the context of the rise of big data as a social technological phenomenon, the author has severely questioned the prejudices and assumptions of the technology. The author raised six controversies in the large-scale search data to spark discussion. He said that big data has reconstructed key issues such as knowledge structure, research process, how we should deal with information, the nature and classification of reality, and so on. Data analysis is most effective when researchers understand the attributes and limitations of data sets and consider the complex methods and processes that form the basis of data analysis. If these biases and limitations are not understood and generalized, misunderstandings will occur. When the author took Twitter as an example, he said that the sample size is not the focus, but the certainty of the sample source and the problem you want to study. Finally, the author draws the conclusion that big data reveals the new terrain of objects, cognitive methods and definitions of social life.

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