literature review 1

“Introduction to Data Science”

L. Igual and S. Seguí

The author introduced that network analysis is the analysis of the relationship between two or more entities in the data, introduced the Python toolbox (NetworkX) that can be used for this analysis, and introduced that social network analysis is the graphical form of social data of an organization To process. The author uses Facebook network data as an example to demonstrate how to analyze Facebook users (nodes) and their friendships. It also explains many concepts in social network analysis, such as concentration indicators, which reflect the importance of nodes in the network or self-network. This allows us to study the range of information that a node can transmit or access. In addition, through actual case analysis, the author showed how to find the most representative node in the network according to the node distribution, and make a quantitative and qualitative comparison.

The author showed to a large extent how to use network analysis to extract features and attributes that are difficult to find in other ways.

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