First week done

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I’m still getting used to everything and my SRUC supervisors have been incredible. They supplied me with additional literature for my lit review, and went as far as making sure I wasn’t eating alone for my first few lunches. They introduced me to PhD students who in turn took me under their wings. The PhD students invited to me to a BBQ which was great fun and very nice of them.

In addition to this I was shown how to use feedprint and a form of AgRE Calc that one of my SRUC supervisors developed, links to these have be supplied in the link page. So I have been working on these and writing my literature review. You can see the literature I have been compiling on the bibliography page.

Overall it was a very productive first week.

Meeting everyone

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I meet my SRUC supervisors today, they were extremely helpful and nice. They showed me around and explained how everything works in SRUC.

I’ll be mainly desk based, I’ll be analysing different allocation methods, carbon foot prints and legume diets. Thursday week I shall get to travel to Crichton Farm next Thursday, this will allow me to see the how the project actually runs on the ground.

I bought a bike on Saturday to allow me to commute to SRUC in twenty minutes instead of walking for an hour. The bike I got is a bog standard mountain bike, no frills or even suspension. I had not anticipated Edinburgh to have so many hills, but the good thing is that this shall improve my overall fitness.

Safely arrived

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First glimpse of Edinburgh from the sky

I safely arrived in Edinburgh and moved straight into my accommodation. There is not a spoon or frying pan in sight so my first job shall be to go shopping on a student budget. Poundland, Lidl and Argos shall hopefully supply all I need at a reasonable price.

Working away!

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Life Cycle Assessment and Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Animal Agriculture

Found this video on Life Cycle Assessments and Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Animal Agriculture. Its covers all the main points in easily understandable manner, it does mainly focus on the US but the basic principle applies globally. I recommend giving it a watch.

Ready to go!

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My bags are packed, my accommodation is sorted and my flights are booked.

At the very early hours of Saturday I shall be moving to Edinburgh to work with amazing people on extremely relevant and interesting project.

The common military saying “Hurry up and wait” seems to fit the current mood of getting everything ready prior to the move date. It’s all systems go till I get to the airport and then the waiting to officially begin shall kick in. Once I start on Monday it shall be all systems go again. Such is the way of life.