Raw data was kindly provided by Maggie March on the Crichton Royal farm cows. Crichton Royal farm is 252 ha and has approximately 200 dairy cows as part of the research dairy herd. These data were collected by SRUC’s Dairy Research Centre Team over a period of 4 to 5 years. Dairy systems research is performed with the Langhill pedigree herd, selected since 1970 as a high genetic merit line and a control line, so the data is being collected as part of this ongoing genetic programme.

Feedprints were calculated using the WUR NL tool Feedprint NL for this study (downloaded from It is an online tool that needed to be downloaded so that the footprints of the different animal feeds could be examined both in economic and mass allocation.

Footprints were calculated using the SAC tool AgRe Calc ((downloaded from this is the online version, but due to needing to be able edit figures in the background of the tool access was needed to the MS Excel version, this was kindly provided by SAC through Dr Alasdair Sykes and Maggie March  on the 08/07/2019. SAC kindly allowed this on the condition that an agreement stating that it would not be used for commercial reasons was signed.

These results were then made into tables, box plots and bar charts.