Data and A&E, not a recommended mix…

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So as the title of this post suggests I have had an interesting few weeks, I’m still working away on the data. There is so many things you can do with data which is great but sometimes having too much choice can lead you down some dead ends. But so far with the helpful guidance I’m receiving in SRUC I have been avoiding these dead ends and therefore I have not been wasting any time. I will forever be thankful for this as 3 months is a very short time to carry out a thesis so any time is literally gold dust.

My mom came to visit, we had loads of fun and got to do loads of tourist adventures. Please see the below photos as proof of our fun.

Unfortunately the fun was cut short on the final day when we spent the day in A&E, my mom slipped and landed on her back, she had previously broken her back so we couldn’t take any chances and had to get brought to the hospital in the ambulance. Shes now stuck once again in a back brace. Aer Lingus like always were fantastic they were able to organise wheel chair assistance so she could still fly to the comfort of her own home.

SRUC have been extremely understanding, they facilitated me so that I could fly back short afterwards and work from home for a bit. I will forever be thankful for this kindness.

So I’m attempting to juggle supporting my mom, travelling back and forth, working and writing a thesis, no pressure right? Wish me luck, cause we all know I need it.