Evolutionary Wheat Breeding in Italy

By Jeremy CherfasEvolutionary populations of wheat are being trialled by Italian organic farmers, looking for  varieties specifically adapted to their needs and able to respond to a changing climate signal.

What Cuba can teach us about climate change adaptation

By Raj Patel –
 After the Cold War, Cuba faced many of the agricultural challenges that the rest of the world is now anticipating.


The True Father of the First Green Revolution

By Jeremy Cherfas – Nazareno Strampelli, an Italian plant breeder, exactly foreshadowed Borlaug’s work by about four decades. His wheats doubled production in Italy and beyond and were crucial to the second green revolution ushered in by Borlaug. He was born on 29 May 1866, 150 years ago as I write this. He deserves to be better known (as do all plant breeders, actually).


What goes in and what comes out

By Oxford Real Farming Conference – What goes in and what comes out: : resource efficiency, productivity and environmental sustainability of organic and low-input farming