“Uncertainty Grows in Zimbabwe as the Trump Administration Considers Cutting Foreign Aid”

“Zimbabwe receives $150 million in U.S. aid funding annually to combat food insecurity and support climate resilience programs for 2.1 million people”, writes

Trump Brings Great Uncertainty to Africa

Many drought-stricken rural communities were hoping that their turn for much needed help would arrive soon, with new USAID-funded programs initiated in their regions. But those hopes were largely dashed with the release of Trump’s appropriately nicknamed “skinny budget” this spring.

According to Foreign Policy, the Trump administration’s March 16th budget “proposal vowed to slash aid to developing countries by over one-third.”

The worried question now on the minds of Zimbabwe’s rural poor: Will the Trump administration and the U.S. Congress—which has final say over the 2018 budget—slash some or all funding for aid projects in Zimbabwe?

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