Work in Harare

30. May 2017 Harare, WFP 0
Work in Harare

The World Food Programme’s Harare Country Office is in Belgravia, on a road lined with palm trees (not uncommon for Harare). My colleagues are from a diverse range of places with most having worked for WFP in at least a few different countries. After receiving various warm welcomes, my ID card, my ThinkPad loan, and completing some UN security courses, I felt like a part of the organization. The canteen here makes delicious local food that can be eaten in the garden – at least until winter sets in – and Cafe Nush down the road offers tasty pastries and coffee. Overall, a pretty great place to work.

I am currently working on collating and mapping data for my first objective to aid in the selection of Wards in Masvingo District. The R4 Rural Resilience Initiative will be implemented in the Wards selected by the R4 team. Sometimes it is difficult getting hold of data at the correct spatial scale. Sometimes the data I need does not exist yet but so far, these instances have been few. I have been using QGIS to map shape files of relevant data which has been successful thus far. I am looking forward to finishing my first objective soon and starting my second one. More to come!


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