The Market Workout

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Early mornings and evenings in Hanoi are when the exercise enthusiasts come out in force. However, it’s not just your average jogger or cyclist. Aerobic classes, tai chi, walking backwards… Read more »

The Wholesale Market

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I enjoy an early morning and I especially love the feeling of being the first one awake going about my morning routine in blissful silence. In Hanoi, there is no… Read more »

Key Informant Interviews

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Last week I put together my Key Informant Interview (KII) guide. Key Informant Interviews are qualitative interviews. They usually involve interviewing a select group of individuals who are likely to… Read more »

Safety First…Or Not!

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For a number of years, there has been a growing concern around food safety in Vietnam, resulting in consumers searching for trustworthy sources (Mergenthaler et al., 2009). Widespread media coverage… Read more »