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Time to get Analyzing !

I recently went out to Mountbellew Agricultural College, to get over 100 students from the Distance Learning Programme to take part in my survey on trainee farmer knowledge and opinions in relation to GHG Emissions on Irish farms.

The participants were great, and I now have enough data to start analyzing!!  Data from the trainee farmer survey is being recorded using the SPSS Statistics version 22 software package, used for statistical analysis.   Questions and answers are to be coded on the programme, which allows for graphics, figures and tables to be constructed from the statistical analysis.

I am hoping to start seeing some trends in the information provided.  I am curious to see how the older farmer views climate change problems vs how a newer, younger farmer views climate change problems, if any difference at all.

I think its important to find out if trainee farmers are thought anything about climate change.  So for this reason, I thought it was important to ask them if they had any training done in relation to climate change.  So far, from the information I have gathered, I am beginning to see that not many farmers have any formal training in relation to climate change and farming.

Looking forward to putting all this new information into graphs and figures shortly 🙂