Teagasc Carbon Navigator Training Day

So tomorrow I set off for Oakpark, Co.Carlow for a carbon navigator training day.  So in preparation for this, I have looked up the Teagasc website to find any information I can.  The website Teagasc ConnectEd (http://teagasc.ie/connected) is where I found some help.  Here is some information I found;

Teagasc ConnectEd

Teagasc ConnectEd is a new and exciting initiative which has been designed to provide structured access to Teagasc research, education and knowledge resources by professionals and businesses operating within or supporting the agri-food sector.

Carbon Navigator Training

This training will provide professional users of the Carbon Navigator with instruction on how to produce a report for clients. All advisers completing a Carbon Navigator for their clients are required to attend a training session.

  1. Introduction to the Carbon Navigator Mitigation Options in the Carbon Navigator
  2. Using the Carbon Navigator Demo
  3. Case Studies
  4. Questions and answers
  5. Getting Set-up

Some links from the Teagasc ConnectEd page






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