Thesis research

Using digital methods to map the policy influence of climate change, agriculture and food security programs

The analysis of information on MARLO shows that the policy impact of CCAFS projects is significant. Not only has the number of newly implemented policies shown an overall growth trend from 2017 to 2019, it has also created a more agricultural friendly policy environment in many countries through many projects. When we conducted text mining on the news pages of 35 government official web pages, we also found such results. After matching the time points of the relevant CCAFS projects, we found that the word clouds on the government news webpage had undergone very significant changes before and after the implementation of the project. Taking three projects (p264, p274, p263) as an example, nine government organizations have participated in these projects. After the implementation of the projects on the news pages of these nine government organizations, “agricultur”, “product”, and “develop” appeared in the text, which were not available before the projects. At the same time, interviews with various government organizations that have participated in the CCAFS project also revealed a positive attitude towards the CCAFS projects. They all recognized the work results of CCAFS and the policy influence of CCAFS.