My name is Robert O’Hagan. Since graduating from my first masters course—Oxford Brookes’ MSc Primate Conservation—I have worked as a primatologist in several different settings. I worked as a research assistant on a social networks and epidemiology study concerning Japanese macaques in southern Japan, and as a primate keeper in a Welsh zoo. Most recently, I held the position of research coordinator for the Little Fireface Project in Java, where I worked with local communities to conserve the critically endangered Javan slow loris. The more experience I gained in the field, the more I became interested in the effects of agriculture and human development on primates and other species. This new interest led me to do a second master’s degree—NUI Galway’s MSc Climate Change, Agriculture, and Food Security (MSc CCAFS). My dissertation research will be conducted in Indonesia, where I will be doing an internship with CIFOR, and exploring the contribution of agroforestry to food security in West Java province, Indonesia.