T6713 Sensor Results


Graphs and p-values were all derived from the statistical programme R. The Krustal-Wallis rank sum test showed that there was a statistically significant difference in measured CO2 levels between the glucose and no-glucose treatment (p=2.142e-15, df=1).  CO2 accumulation in the chamber was at its greatest at 6pm under the no-glucose treatment with a value of 2033ppm and was at its lowest at 4pm under the glucose treatment at 542ppm. The Wilcox test showed significant differences in CO2 levels over time (p=2.2e16) and the pairwise-Wilcox test identified illustrated that these differences existed between all time periods  with the greatest difference in CO2 levels occurring between 14:00pm and 16:00pm. CO2 levels from the glucose treatment did not exceed 600ppm and stayed within a narrow range within the 500’s ppm. Conversely, CO2 levels recorded from the no-glucose treatments ranged from 527ppm to 2033ppm resulting in many outliers as seen in

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