T6713 Sensor VS Gas Chromatography – Discussion

There was no difference in CO2 levels recorded by the sensor and GC under glucose and no glucose conditions, suggesting that both detected similar results. Similar findings between both the sensor and GC highlight once more that improvements are needed in the chamber design as previously discussed. These results do however illustrate how important it is to use both together to validate results. For example, Chen et al. (2012) used GC to investigate the performance of a wearable volatile organic compound (VOC) sensor. Similarly, Bastviken et al. (2015) used GC to validate results from CO2 loggers that were employed for aquatic GHG flux measurements. Furthermore, Neethirajan et al. (2009) highlights how GC is an appropriate sensing technique to use alongside CO2 sensors as it is cheap and provides routine measurements of CO2 concentrations.


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