Off to the theatre!

Off to the theatre!

I think we can all agree that, in general, things get pretty hectic when you’re doing a Masters. Then you add the extra layers of carrying out your research and writing your thesis in another country, in a very short time and hey presto….you have a recipe for insanity!

Luckily, we are in the beautiful Vietnam and there is so much to see! This past weekend we went to see the legendary water puppet show in Hanoi. This brief and powerful event, completely captivated me and pushed me into the realisation that “O.K. wow I’m actually in Vietnam”.

Entering the theatre, you are led up these beautiful marble stairs, passed some people doing foot spas (random in a theatre but there ya go) and into an amazing dark wooden arena. The stage, which was constructed from water of course, was so stunningly blue and either side were musicians, actors and singers all dressed in Vietnamese clothing.

The show began with some traditional Vietnamese music. There was something so beautiful about not knowing what they were saying. I felt, for the first time, totally immersed in the culture.

The show continued with bright and colourful puppets and their hidden puppeteers acting out Vietnamese myths and legends, while traditional music and song was played. It really was a breath of fresh air.

Cheeky snippet of the show 🙂

It is so easy to get lost in your research and forget to enjoy yourself. Research and doing a masters doesn’t need to be so heavy, and it is so important to take a step back sometimes and regroup. Doing this allows you to go to the next phase in a happier and more peaceful place. Last weekend was a real eye-opener and I’m so excited to see what this weekend holds! Stay tuned 🙂