The slinky sleeper bus

I’m currently sitting on a sleeper bus about to depart and begin a week of work in Yen Bai!

About 5minutes ago I jumped on a big looking bus with my big bag…I was shook when I saw the inside! I have never been on a bus like this before 😂 My bag alone is too big to fit down the aisle and my head is quite literally touching the roof. I go to take me seat….now that’s a challenge, my wide hips are just resting on both the arm rests! So I’m just sitting here, feeling like a giant, a little bit mortified, but absolutely loving it!

During my time in Vietnam, I have learned that there is no point being shy or embarrassed. I definitely stick out like a sore thumb but people are so excited about that and are always really nice to me! And even though I’m feeling a bit squished now, it’s such a great atmosphere. People who seemingly don’t know each other are all chatting to eachother and having a few giggles, with the odd person shouting “hello” to me! It definitely sets me off giggling every time but also makes me feel included and welcome 😊 It also makes me think about home and how different it is, and how we’d have much better craic if we stepped outside of the norms and took ourselves less seriously!

Signing off – from the back of the slinky sleeper bus