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Someone once said that it is anticipated that the next world war would be about water! At face value this sounds like child’s talk but upon analyzing the impacts of climate change critically, I realise water is one of the most limiting natural resources in agricultural production and yet it

Research Article

My research was about modelling routes for legume integration into maize systems in Zambia for water use efficiency. Small holder farmers in Zambia are faced with challenges of land ownership, agricultural input availability and water stress. Also, agricultural land is characterized with eroded and depleted soils, yet the country’s agriculture

Thesis Research

In my thesis the major aspect being addressed is water use efficiency of maize systems by modeling routes for legume integration into the systems. Library Research Searched available collections Online Research Searched FAO, CGIAR, Elsevier, Scopus, I recently had a chat with resourceful persons in the field of agronomy in