Preliminary trial

The aim of this trial was to see if RFID chips affected sperm quality. Three bulls, FR4021, FR2298 and AA2123 were used in the trial starting the 25th of March. Technicians in the barn received 50ml universal tubes containing the dilution INRA. Ejaculates were placed into the pre-warmed INRA and

Frozen straw production

 All samples go through quality control before been processed. A 20 ┬Ál drop of semen is placed on a microscope slide and covered with a coverslip and observed under 40x objective lense to asses the total motility (%) and progressive motility (1-5 scale) of the sample. If samples achieve a

Fresh season

NCBC conduct a fresh season for six weeks annually. This involves the use of chilled semen instead of cryopreserved semen. Advantages of using fresh semen include higher viability than cryopreserved semen, the possibility of using reduced insemination doses, the optimization of high-merit bulls, the lower cost of storage and the