Nutrient Management Planning and Groundwater Vulnerability

This week I continued training on devising nutrient management plans (NMP) for TGL Consulting clients and I also trained on carrying out groundwater vulnerability maps from I have now learned how to carry out NMP and assess the LPIS information and I am continuing to learn how to detail the report for the farmers to advise them on both organic and chemical fertilizer applications. On Tuesday, I presented via skype my research proposal on using organic fertilizers as a substitute for inorganic to improve the efficiency in nitrogen use and uptake and to impact the carbon footprint. I will continue next week on my research proposal and also on NMP’s and groundwater vulnerability maps. I am also continuing to take herbage samples each week to freeze, so they can be analysed down the line if necessary. Each week I am also monitoring soil temperature, so I will be able to depict the most suitable time for the digestate to be applied and currently soil temperatures are averaging at 6.5ºC.