Week 18-20

Soil temperatures and grass growth were continued to be monitored. Soil temperatures are continuing were up to 13/14°C on all three farms between the 20th and 31st of May.  However, between the 4th and 8th of June temperatures on all 3 farms dropped by a degree, which corresponds to lower air temperatures. Results are still pending on samples sent on the 13th May. Another batch of samples was taken on Thursday 6th June. Soil and herbage samples were taken and sent to FBA for SR3 and Mineral trace scan and feed analysis. A separate batch of soil and herbage samples were taken and sent to JHG for microbiological and chemical soil analysis as well as hormonal analysis on the herbage. On Thursday last (30th May), I was invited to attend with Tom a demonstration at BHSL in Limerick which operates a Fluridised Bed Combustion system to convert the untreated poultry manure into energy for heating, cooling and electricity generation to meet the energy needs of the farms. The demonstration was by Jack O’Connor, one of the founding members of BHSL. Another set of drone pictures were taken on all three farms to see the progress of regrowth on all plots.

Farm A
Farm B
Farm C

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Hi! My name is Arlene Mc Grath and I am currently a Masters student of AgriBioscience at the National University of Ireland Galway. Working on deciphering mechanisms of nutrient recovery by plants from AD digestate to reduce carbon footprint on farms.