Bird’s Eye View

The past two weeks I continued to monitor the soil plots in terms of temperature and grass growth. On Monday, soil temperatures were taken and dropped to an average of approximately 9.9 ºC. Drone pictures were taken on all three farms to fully visualize the effect of the digestate on grass growth. Soil samples and herbage samples were taken and sent to FBA laboratories for SR3 and Feed analysis. A separate batch of soil samples was sent to JHG Analytical services for microbiological analysis. I will be visiting JHG laboratories for a meeting on soil analysis next week. The grass on 2 of the farms will also be cut next week with a mower as the grass cover is gone too high. The second round of chemical fertilizer will be applied after grass has been cut in the next two weeks.

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Hi! My name is Arlene Mc Grath and I am currently a Masters student of AgriBioscience at the National University of Ireland Galway. Working on deciphering mechanisms of nutrient recovery by plants from AD digestate to reduce carbon footprint on farms.