Week 2

This week I communicated with Galina in a skype meeting with regards to the experimental design of the project. We discussed the parameters that were necessary to assess. Galina assisted in drawing up a field plot design. Participated in a meeting with Charles, Galina and the class with regards to the MSc Agribioscience programme.

I continued with the literature review – covered the final part on the current regulation in Ireland on fertilizers and covered soil nutrient deprivation along with anaerobic digestion process and set out a plan for the difference between organic and inorganic fertilizers. I communicated with Galina with regards to training next week for sample analysis. Communicated with Charles, Galina and Tom with regards the experimental design. Updated the field plot design to incorporate the size of the trailing shoe spreader that will be used for the project. I designed a survey to assess from different farmers the amount of both digestate and chemical fertilizer that was used in the previous year and also the soil types of each farm.P