Welcome to SeQUEsTER

Welcome to SeQUEsTER, a transdiciplinary research project funded by the Environmental Protection Agency and Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine that combines bioeconomic modelling and life cycle assessment to identify promising pathways towards net zero GHG emissions in Ireland’s agriculture, forestry & other land use sector.

Shaping Ireland’s Sustainable Future: a call for diversity of representation in Ireland’s Agri-food strategy

In August this year, the Irish Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine (DAFM) launched the Agri-food strategy 2030 consultation process. The Agri-food 2030 strategy will build off its predecessor, Foodwise 2025, which set out a ten-year plan for the agri-food sector. The DAFM is bound by EU Directive 2001/42/EC to conduct a consultation process ...

Funded PhD on dairy foot-printing

18. September 2020 News 0
PhD Opportunity Farming for Net Zero Carbon: life cycle assessment of resource-efficient milk production   Background Dairy production is a major source of greenhouse gas (GHG) and ammonia (NH3) emissions to air and nutrient losses to water in Europe, but delivers high-quality protein with smaller environmental footprints compared with other animal-based food production systems. Life ...

SeQUEsTER: A Student’s Perspective

SeQUEsTER: A Student’s Perspective
My Generation problem As a member Generation Z and a science student in National University Ireland, Galway, the global climate crisis is one that I am highly aware of. In the near future, my generation will be left to tackle the environmental damages caused by unsustainable environmental practices carried out today, including agricultural practices. For ...

Farming for a sustainable future: critical issues and land use choices

Farming for a sustainable future: critical issues and land use choices
Farming: a noble profession Before preaching about the urgent need to reduce our agricultural emissions, it is important to acknowledge the existentially important but often thankless work that farmers do. Spending childhood summers helping out on my aunt’s mixed dairy-cropping farm in Switzerland forged an appreciation of the long-hours and hard labour involved in working ...

The Sequester Journal

It’s almost here. We have been working hard with our international and national contributors to bring you an exciting new blog series. The series will cover topics related to four themes: The potential role of Ireland’s farm forestry in an EU Green Deal. Opportunities for Ireland’s bio-economy in an EU Green Deal. The importance of ...

New PhD opportunity

07. May 2020 News 0
An exciting new PhD opportunity in life cycle assessment of farming and land use systems is being funded by the LoCAM project. The position is available from September 2020. Closing date for applications is 28th June, 2020. Please see attached advert for more information, and feel free to circulate.