Hello Hanoi!

Xin chào!

In my hotel room, still a bit cranky from being on the road and flying for almost 24 hours.

It is my first time in Asia and I will be spending the next few months in Hanoi with CIAT, studying and researching; Linking Humanitarian and Development Interventions into a Joint Resilience Continuum.

My trip started with a bus ride from Manchester to Heathrow Airport which lasted 6 hours and I was definitely glad and upbeat to be on my way to Hanoi.

My phone was charged, playlist set to my favorite and I was excited to be on my way. The flight to Dubai started off beautifully, as I settled in to the in-flight entertainment and music blasting through my headphones.

Seven hours later, I was in Dubai waiting for my connecting flight to Hanoi. Three hours of waiting, so I did a little bit of window shopping and had what I thought would be my last bite of McDonald’s burger and fries for the next few months.

My excitement had dropped considerably as I was tired and stiff from the journey. The flight to Hanoi was tiring and I wished for it to end quickly. My legs were throbbing and I just wanted to be on land again. Another seven hours, and I was glad to be out of the airplane. The immigration and visa process at the Noi Bai International Airport could not have gone any smoother. I was welcomed to another culture and language and I certainly look forward to learning a few words of Vietnamese in my short stay here.

I got my first taste of climate diversity immediately I stepped out of the airport. I had read that the weather in Hanoi is Tropical, I just didn’t think of how much it would remind me of some parts of home (Nigeria). The temperature was in full blast at 34 degrees celsius and it was so different from what I had gotten used to in the last few months.

On the drive from the airport to my hotel room and I could see why Hanoi is referred to as an ancient city. The landscape, few cars roaming the road and lots of motor bikes.

I look forward to creating memories and learning as I progress in my journey and immerse myself in my research work and thesis.

Tạm biệt