Tailored agro-climate services and food security information for better decision making in Latin America

Whilst in other regions of the world there are a range of initiatives related to agro-climatic forecasting, there is a big gap in Latin America, which provides a tremendous opportunity for contribution with a targeted and well-integrated initiative to change in agro-climatic risk management, the elaboration of public policies in decision-making and programmatic support (based on historical analysis, monitoring systems and agro-climatic forecasts) using state-of-the-art approaches. The goal of the project, Tailored Agro-Climate Services and food security information for better decision making in Latin America – AGROCLIMAS, is to help closing this gap, taking into account the needs of the Latin American agricultural sector in terms of agro-climatic information and services in the context of climate variability. The project also evidences the technical capacity to address those needs through the collaboration with strategic partners. Target countries The project will be implemented in Colombia, Guatemala and Honduras. Deliverables Mapping networks: Information flows and decision-making cycles understand demand and gaps Historical data: Learn from the past – climate reconstruction, combine observations with satellite data Food security indicators: household surveys, tracking of climate risk – Grameen Progress out of Poverty Index and gender-sensitive Map rooms: Web site – regional observatory with agro-climatic data, tailored for specific users and updated Agro-climatic forecasts: Provide relevant future information – sentinel site network, combined with local information Dissemination mechanisms: Innovative “formats” of products, “translating” climate into agronomically relevant information

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