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Title of MSc. Research Project: Characterization of regional atmospheric circulation patterns and their relationship with observed temperature and precipitation in Colombia-an AGROCLIMAS Project

Introduction to AGROCLIMAS

The goal of the project, Tailored Agro-Climate Services and food security information for better decision making in Latin America – AGROCLIMAS, is to address the gap in agro-climatic forecasting in Latin America; taking into account the needs of the Latin American agricultural sector in terms of agro-climatic information and services in the context of climate variability. The AGROCLIMAS project will be implemented in Colombia, Guatemala and Honduras.


To integrate regional weather forecasting into agro-climatic risk assessment and management tools for improved decision-making and climate-proofing for farmers in Latin America.

• Analysis of weather station data collected from Córdoba, North Colombia
• Correlation of weather station data from Córdoba with relevant drivers (TSM in the Pacific/Atlantic, pressure, wind etc)
• Correlation of weather station data from Córdoba with teleconnection indices

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