Presentation at Irish Embassy-Uganda

The presentation went well and thanks to Irish Aid for giving the opportunity to present my findings on Ugandan Coffee waste management from coffee processors.  It was an exciting experience to present to them.


With my colleague with we had an opportunity for cupping in one of the biggest coffee processers company in Uganda. it was an amazing experience.  field visits are amazing.

post-harvest coffee bean processing pathways

Hi there

This week I am working on mapping out the coffee bean processing pathways, together with the coffee team. I am looking forward on getting it done, so that I begin with drafting my questionnaire and field visitations. June/July I will spend much of my time in the field collecting data.

however working with IITA coffee team is startling, I am learning a lot from them.

Research proposal presentation at IITA

Hello my beautiful readers

Today It was amazing at work, I was presenting  my research proposal to whole group of pundits  in the field of coffee production systems.  The presentation went well and people advised accordingly. however I look forward to collecting my data in the few coming weeks. I really cannot wait to go to the Ugandan coffee plantations, and interact with farmers.

Hello there

Allow me to share with you the beauty of Kampala, this is where International Institute of Tropical Agriculture offices are based.