My first week at IRRI

Today marks my first week working at IRRI!

This week has been a nice way to settle in. I spent most of the week meeting my supervisors and colleagues and studying the literature surrounding my project. The week also involved some downtime; chilling outside in the lovely grounds of IRRI, eating my lunch 😊 It has been a great way to get familiar with my surroundings and knuckle down to work!

A little bit about IRRI…

IRRI is a non profit, educational and research institute that aims to reduce hunger, improve livelihoods and protect rice growing environments through rice science. If you want to learn more about IRRI and what they do, follow the link below!!

IRRI do a lot of work in Vietnam, which is a global leader when it comes to rice production. The government and IRRI (along with other partners) have put forward a new strategy to grow the rice sector in a sustainable and economical manner! Learn more about IRRI’s work in Vietnam here: