About Me

I am Margareth Mollel, a student at Ryan Institute in the National University of Ireland, Galway pursuing a Masters’s programme in Climate Change Agriculture and Food Security. The course is crucial for broadening my knowledge on the implications of climate change on agriculture and food production to transform the community’s response to climate change impacts while practicing sustainable farming to ensure food security and sustainable development goals.

Before starting my studies, I worked as a Communications expert for the Non-Government Organization known as Tanzania Natural Resource Forum (TNRF) in Tanzania, the African continent. The Organization focuses on natural resource governance for sustainable rural livelihood and better conservation outcomes. I worked in the communication department, ensuring smooth coordination of different programs and maintaining good communications with stakeholders. I used social media platforms, websites, and print media to share information with our audience.

In collaboration with project managers I interacted directly with local communities; building their capacities on natural resource management such as forestry management, farming, and climate change, collecting success stories about their agricultural practices, and entrepreneurship. These interactions built the interest to carry out more studies on the current challenges that climate change poses to local communities and the world.
The program will then improve my skills, enable me to reach out to local communities such as smallholder farmers, and pastoralists, with unique techniques and build their capacity on adaptation and mitigation mechanisms of addressing climate change impacts. This will ensure improved  livelihood and sustainable development.