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Floods hit Malawi again

Malawi, in the Northern Province, has been hit by floods again

Area affected by floods in Karonga District
Some of the affected households

Northern Malawi especially Karonga District has been hit by floods again. It's a mixed bag for the community. For the rice farmers this might be a good year in terms of yields because of the fertile alluvial soils which come along with floods. Increased runoff from Misuku highlands and other places in Chitipa District carries with it essential nutrients which fertilizes the rice growing fields in the plains of Karonga District. More than 60% of the rice is grown under paddy conditions. While for community at large, including rice farmers, its hell again because of the shocks that come along with flooding. Preliminary reports indicate that three people are dead, over 2000 households are affected. In addition, there is extensive damage to crop fields because of wash away, loss of livestock, loss of property including houses. The most affected people are the vulnerable households who have no access to better land for settlement and end up constructing in flood prone areas. These include female headed households, elders and the disabled.

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