Getting Started

Over recent weeks I have begun working on my literature review which will be included in my finished thesis. I have been exploring research and literature related to the subjects my research project will be based on. I have received a rough description of my project and most importantly the title of my project!

Although subject to change, the current title of my project is; “Assessing the potential of Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA) in reducing air pollution in Southeast Asia”. I am rather excited to begin this project and I believe it will tie in nicely with my undergraduate programme, BA Planning, Geography & Environmental Policy. The objective of my project is to assess the potential of improved farm practices implementation, contributing to reduced air pollution in Southeast Asian cities and mitigation of greenhouse gases.

Although this is a rather complex and intricate topic, I believe it will allow me to develop numerous skills that I have been introduced to over the course of the Masters programme.

I thought I would just post an update of my progress and get started on what is sure to be an interesting and informative blog. Anyway, I must get back to work. I’ll be sure to post again soon!



I am currently navigating my way around the catacombs of wordpress, trying to customize the page so that its aesthetic enough that you’ll stay and read a little bit (or maybe even add the page to your bookmarks).

At the moment I’m about to finish up lectures in Galway. Then comes a month of reading, preparation, revision and anticipation. I will be in Vietnam for 2~3 months, collecting data, conducting research, learning about the culture and lifestyle, and eating large amounts of Pho (I’m not complaining).

My posts will hopefully be a little longer and a little more interesting from now on but I thought I’d just christen the page with a stream of consciousness from Áras de Brún in lovely Galway. (Don’t get your hopes up about how interesting it might be).