Mé féin

Hello and welcome to my first blog. The aim of these posts will be to present my current research project as I go along and to give insights as to why this type of research is worth the time, money, and patience that goes into it. I would like to start off by providing some background information on myself and my interests. My name is Deirdre, I’m a student in NUI Galway, doing an MSc in Agribiosciences. My background is mostly in plant molecular biology and genetics, although I also have a keen interest in botany, sustainable agricultural policy, agronomic practices, and crop husbandry. Achieving sustainability in global food production is the underlying objective in much of what I do in both my career path and my life. I strongly believe that a shift away from animal agriculture and towards plant-based protein is an essential component in reducing carbon emissions and decreasing land degradation globally. With this in mind, hope to direct my study and career towards addressing problems within crop production in order to make plant-based nutrition more sustainable for the planet and for human health.