Rainfed irrigation continuum

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Water scarcity is a severe problem in developing countries. Most developing countries depend on rainfed agriculture. Despite its prevalence in developing countries, rainfed agriculture is less resilient to drought due to scarcity and variability of rainfall.  Poor management of water in rainfed systems causes soil erosion, run-off, and low yields. The policies on the water ...

Climate change and Watershed management

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The rise of temperature increases the evapotranspiration, and the increase in the extreme event of rainfall and temperature induces more flood and drought. Currently, water scarcity is one of the major problems in the world; the changes in temperature and rainfall-related climate of change make it worse. Therefore of watershed management plays a significant role ...

Taking over beef: Plant-based diet innovation

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Global efforts have been made to better and more sustainable food systems. Shifting to sustainable consumption patterns is one of the tracks to be tackled at next year’s food summit 2021. An animal-based diet is playing a negative role in our world. This is because livestock is wreaking havoc on the environment and the climate ...

Increase the life cycle of a product

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A large proportion of industrial or business entities are following the linear economy pathway. The linear economy model is based on the take, make, and dispose of model. However, this can only operate if there are infinite resources. That is why a circular economy is needed to treat the infinite resources as finite resources. Several ...

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