5/2/19 – Week 1 recap

Had my first proper working week at Algentech last week. It was an intensive learning experience without any doubt. The large majority of my work involved completing the different stages of molecular cloning of different DNA constructs. I have a small knowledge of cloning from my undergrad but not on this level! The first few days Anna would show me how to carry out a specific experiment and then supervise when I would carry it out. Towards the end of the week I was working independently with guidance from Anna when needed. This week is more of the same with me working on DNA constructs at different stages of cloning.

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Hey guys!

So I arrived in Paris on Wednesday and I’m starting to get used to the flow of things out here. I’ll start work Monday on the expression of lux genes in bacteria and from there develop an inducible system to express the proteins transiently as the expression of these genes is likely to be toxic for plants. I have to give a huge thank you to Galina and Isabelle for arranging everything for me and making sure my trip ran smoothly. I’ve met my supervisor Anna who has clearly outlined the progression of my project and has made everything easy to understand.

That’s all for now