MScCCAFS Annual Research Conference (2017)

Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA)

MScCCAFS Program Annual

Research Conference (2017)

Monday 4th September 2017 from 0830-1800

ILAS Lecture Theatre, National University of Ireland Galway

All are welcome!

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MScCCAFS Program Annual Conference Schedule

08.30-09.00 Welcome coffee & registration

09.00-09.10 Welcome and overview Prof. Charlie Spillane (MScCCAFS Director) & Dr. Peter McKeown (MScCCAFS Course Coordinator).

09.10-09.30 Presentation on Global CCAFS Program by Dr. Andy Jarvis (CCAFS, CIAT, Cali, Colombia), External Examiner of MScCCAFS Program

Session 1

Chair: Dr. David Styles

09.30-09.50 Orla O’Halloran (MScCCAFS), Prioritising climate smart agriculture practices for more climate resilient coffee production in Vietnam [Project partners: NUI Galway PABC; CGIAR Climate Change, Agriculture & Food Security Program (CCAFS); International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT), Vietnam]

09.50-10.10 Rob O’Hagan (MScCCAFS), What evidence for agroforestry contributions to food security in Indonesia? [Project partners: NUI Galway PABC; Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR) Indonesia]

10.10-10.30 Grant Schooley (MScCCAFS), Measuring the water footprint of beer production across AB-Inbev’s global breweries [Project partners: NUI Galway PABC; Anheuser-Busch InBev, Belgium]

10.30-10.50 Rachael Soden (MScAgriBiosciences), Developing oat beverages as novel plant-derived dairy alternatives [Project partners: NUI Galway PABC; PepsiCo]

Coffee & Networking [Posters/Stands]

Session 2

Chair: Dr. Una Murray

11.30-11.50 Donagh Hennessy (MScCCAFS), For the UNFCCC’s Green Climate Fund, what is transformational change in relation to adaptation of agriculture to climate change? [Project partners: NUI Galway PABC; Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO), Italy]

11.50-12.10 Franklin Msiska (MScCCAFS), Impacts of Climate-Smart Agriculture CSA practices, off-farm income and weather information services on resilience and coping strategies of rural households in Malawi [Project partners: NUI Galway PABC; CARE International, Malawi]

12.10-12.30 John Cleary (MScCCAFS), Assessment of Photovoice as a participatory action research methodology for scaling Climate-Smart Agriculture in Vietnam [Project partners: NUI Galway PABC; CCAFS and International Rice Research Institute (IRRI), Vietnam]

Lunch Break & Networking [Posters/Stands]

Session 3

Chair: Dr. Galina Brychkova

14.00-14.20 Kelebogile Kekae (MScCCAFS), Impact of climate change on forage grass species to support Ethiopian dairy systems [Project partners: NUI Galway PABC; CCAFS & International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI), Ethiopia]

14.20-14.40 Sair Imdad (MScCCAFS), Co-benefits of climate change mitigation initiatives on public health in Ireland [Project partners: NUI Galway PABC]

14.40-15.00 Rachael Murphy (MScCCAFS), Development of smart farm sensor system for real-time geospatial measurement of greenhouse gas emissions [Project partners: NUI Galway PABC]

15.00-15.20 Lorna Born (MScCCAFS), Developing index-based insurance for rural communities and smallholder farmers in Zimbabwe [Project partners: NUI Galway PABC; R4 Rural Resilience Initiative, World Food Program (WFP), Zimbabwe]

Coffee & Networking [Posters/Stands]

Session 4

Chairs: Kevin Kilcline & Dr. Liz Coleman

15.50-16.10 Mark O’Looney (MScCCAFS), 3D printing for circular economy development of agri-machinery servicing for smallholder farmers in Asia [Project partners: NUI Galway PABC; International Rice Research Institute (IRRI), Philippines]

16.10-16.30 Sarina Motsuki (MScCCAFS), Community-based water management in South Africa [Project partners: NUI Galway PABC]

16.30-16.50 Martin Ó Conghaile (MScCCAFS), Frost risk, precipitation patterns and forest climatic zones: How Ireland’s changing climate will affect Sitka spruce establishment in Ireland [Project partners: NUI Galway PABC; Teagasc Athenry]

16.50-17.10 Aoife Joyce (MScAgriBiosciences) Automated land-use change detection using high-resolution satellite image analysis [Project partners: NUI Galway PABC; Treemetrics]

17.10-17.30 Matteo Petitti (MScCCAFS), Climate change and farmer participatory plant breeding [Project partners: NUI Galway PABC; Rete Semi Rurali, Italy]

17.30 Judging Panel completed (Prize Award) & Presentation of 2017 Award

17.40 Wrap up from Prof. Charlie Spillane, Director of MSc.CCAFS program, and invitation to all attendees to join Irish Forum for International Agricultural Development (IFIAD)

 17.45-19.00 Meeting of the Working Group on Climate Smart Agriculture of the Irish Forum for International Agricultural Development (IFIAD).

 19.00 onwards   Evening - Drinks / social evening in Galway city centre (venue to be announced) – All welcome!

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