Enzyme Biosciences

Research topics

Research topics under investigation in this theme include the biochemistry, molecular genetics and application of enzymes from prokaryotes and eukaryotes that modify the various carbohydrate, (glyco)protein, lipid and phenolic components in terrestrial plants and marine algae, with the focus of improving the understanding and biotechnology of the following:

•    Fungi as cell factories for enzyme production
•    Fungal genome evolution & bioinformatics
•    Novel enzymes from psychrophilic, mesophilic and thermophilic microorganisms
•    Thermostable glycosyl hydrolases
•    Accessory and oxidative enzymes
•    Efficient and novel biomass to bioenergy technologies
•    2nd and 3rd Generation biofuels
•    Efficient enzyme technologies for biorefining
•    Plant cell wall biology and structure
•    Bioenergy crop development
•    Phytochemicals, bioactives and functional food/beverage ingredients
•    Biomaterials
•    Novel anti-microbial products
•    Animal nutritionals

Institutional and Company Partners

•    CCBB Industry partners
•    AER Sustainable Energy Ltd
•    Monaghan Mushrooms
•    Oilean Glas Teoranta
•    International Energy Agency (IEA)
•    Brandon Products Ltd