Algal Biosciences

The Algal Biosciences Research Theme focuses on advancing fundamental and applies aspects of algal biosciences, focussing on both macroalgae (seaweeds) and microalgae. A major emphasis of this theme is on developing innovative and sustainable systems for harnessing of algae for provision of useful products and services for humanity.

Research topics

Research topics under investigation in this theme include applications of algal biosciences in relation to advancing understanding and improvement of the following:

  • Algal biochemical composition and physiological optimisation
  • Cultivation of macro- and microalgae for specific commercial applications
  • Seaweed resources, mapping, harvesting and sustainable utilisation
  • Impacts of climate change on macro- and microalgae and feedback mechanisms
  • Invasive species 
  • Algal cell wall composition
  • Microalgal carbon mitigation & capture systems
  • Microalgal strain improvement (genetics)
  • Liquid biofuels from algae
  • Algal derived nutraceuticals
  • Algal derived bioactives
  • Algal derived bio-materials & nanotechnology
  • Algal genome evolution & bioinformatics

Company and Institutional Partners

  • Oilean Glas Teoranta (OGT)
  • Cybercolloids
  • Brandon Products Ltd